Friday, April 4, 2014

Malayalam Kambi Kathakal - Kamapekkoothukal

Click the below link to read the story - Kamapekkoothukal

Kamapekkoothukal 1

Kamapekkoothukal 2

Kamapekkoothukal 3

Kamapekkoothukal 4

Kamapekkoothukal 5

Kamapekkoothukal 6

Kamapekkoothukal 7

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Anonymous said...

For any story when a new part is given out we don't get the message because the next story is shown in the list. For example when I was opening the recent page of this sight I was seeing the most recent story as 'Pavithrabandhanhgal' I was worried why for a long time new one is not appearing. Then one day by accident I jyst checked the old pages to see that a lot of stories were published during that time. Thery were new parts od old stories. I would have missed them.
So when a new part of a story is published please give it in the first opening page of the cite.